Avoiding outdoor plumbing problems

Rusty Spigot


The plumbing system actually runs through our homes. It is specifically used for carrying gas and water through the living space, laundry, kitchen and bathroom. However, there are several areas of the outer living space, which have pipes and drains running through. Homeowners need to take care of their outdoor plumbing system as well, so that if any problem arises in the area, it can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Broken Hose Bibs –

House bibs are an essential part of the plumbing system. They offer a source of water for the hoses.  These often get damaged; they can break and even fall apart. These hose bibs are also prone to damage due to frost. You will not be able to repair or replace any such broken hose bib, as it needs the skills of a plumber. There is a need to cut the source of water and then the replacement needs to be done. You need the help of professional to get things done easily and effectively. Thus, to avoid such a condition, it is recommended to have your plumbing system inspected at regular intervals of time, especially the outdoor system.

Sprinkler Systems –

Keep a close watch on the sprinkler system. These sprinkler systems are often easily broken and damaged. If you are getting the lawn dug, you need to be careful that you are not cutting the line or the sprinkler head. If you notice sprinkler heads are broken or leaking, you need to call your plumber to get it repaired as quickly as possible. If you schedule regular maintenance and repair of your plumbing system, professionals will be able to detect any such leakages or broken pieces. Thus, you will be able to avoid emergency problems.

Adding New Features –

Homeowners often add new features in their yard or garden. Outdoor plumbing is usually vulnerable to excavation and other changes in the garden. If you wish to add a new patio or swimming – or any other job which involves excavation, be careful about your plumbing system. You need to mark the sprinkler lines, drains, pipes or sewer lines. If there is one careless move with the shovel, it can damage the plumbing lines irreparably.


Keep Watch on Tree Roots –


Tree roots can damage your plumbing setup outdoors. As tree roots spread deep into the ground, they often interfere with the plumbing system. If the roots are excessively strong or they are aggressive they can actually cause damage to the sewers. The pipes or drains can crack, break or start leaking. Thus, it is important to understand how the roots are spreading.

The most recommended way to keep away roots is to get them removed completely. If you are designing the outdoor plumbing system around the shrubs and trees, you need to be careful about them.


You need to remember that any small issue with the plumbing system can actually spoil the enjoyment. You need to have all the broken sprinkler heads, gas lines, and broken pipes and hose bibs removed completely.